May we open to our own inner wisdom

Handouts, Poems, Quizzes and Videos

This section provides PDF's of helpful handouts, meditations, poems and quizzes for your own personal use, to assist in your practice of mindfulness and self-compassion.

The purpose of the handouts, meditations and poem is to complement the mindfulness and self-compassion programs that we provide.  The quizzes are only an indication and are not meant to be diagnostic.

Please note that the advice given in the handouts are of a general nature only and does not take into account particular conditions or situations. The handouts do not replace therapy and the quizzes do not replace diagnostic assessments. For further assistance please contact our psychologist Marie Bloomfield by email marie@bloomfieldpsychology.com.au

Click on the handout, meditation, poem or quiz of your choice to download the PDF for your own personal use only.


Mindfulness and Self-Compassion Handouts



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