Marianna Lolas 
Clinical Psychologist
Grad.Dip. Psych., M.Clin. Psych., MAPS, FCCLP.

Marianna is a Clinical Psychologist working in private practice. Helping others has always been Marianna’s passion and has motivated a diverse and rewarding career across many different fields and industries. Before clinical psychology, Marianna spent many years working in large corporate companies, specialising in understanding consumer behaviour, advising strategy, research and training teams. She also worked as a Clinical Hypnotherapist. Marianna holds a Masters in Applied Science - Food Science and Nutrition, an Advanced Diploma in Hypnosis and has spent time studying meditation. Marianna’s psychological experience covers both the private and public sector, with adults, teens and children, across a few therapeutic disciplines including Mindful Self Compassion / Compassion-based therapies. 

Marianna enjoys positively impacting and empowering others through a holistic approach, compassion and scientific knowledge. 

Personal Journey to Mindful Self Compassion

A couple of decades ago, after a few life challenges, I turned to meditation and hypnosis to help me cope with what felt like treading water. Seeing and feeling how these techniques were making a real difference in my life and the way I saw the world, sparked my curiosity about the science that sat behind how it worked.  To satiate this desire to know more and be able to share the experience with others, I studied clinical hypnosis, and meditation and chose to continue my psychology studies. Then in about 2012/2013, I came across Paul Gilbert’s Compassionate Mind, it made sense and struck a chord with me, the way he spoke of evolutionary psychology, the mingling of science and ancient practices and how they are so intertwined. This led me to explore compassion- focussed therapy and mindful self-compassion further. 

It wasn’t until 2020 when Covid turned life upside down for everyone, that I needed further support at home and work. My self-care practices and the awareness meditation brings weren’t enough to get through the stress and unchartered nature of what was happening, so I went in search of more.  This was when I realised that self-compassion was the missing piece for me – the concept of treating myself like I would treat a good friend resonated. I picked up all my psychology books on compassion and started to re-read, as well as honing in on Mindful Self-Compassion(MSC) through professional development. Very slowly, I began to find calmness and contentment. The defining moment for me was doing a week of mindful self-compassion / a silent retreat at the beautiful Wilson’s Prom National Park – not only did my practice improve but I realised I wanted to share my discoveries, which led me to take the path to become a trained MSC teacher.

My wish is to continue to grow in contentment and calm, and to share this beautiful way of finding inner peace with friends, family and clients.